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Our wedding films capture the events we cover precisely as they happen; nothing artificial.

   That’s what it is all about. An unstoppable need for expression. A need to have a visual concept, of what was just a waveform in our heads. These two elements give the highest form of art. What your ears can hear, your eyes can see. We consider motion picture, the true and only means to capture sensational weddings.

   We have all been to events where the video crew are the most noticeable people in the room. The interruptions, over-staging and uncomfortable interview requests, etc. etc. At Cornerstone, we believe that distractions like these put you and your guests on the spot. So we do our best to avoid them entirely. This creates an un-staged, natural/organic feeling and flow to our wedding day films. Every film is totally unique in it's own, as it should be.

We strive to be different then everything else out there; and it's a hit. Check out some of our latest work. Can't wait to hear from you!


Matt Greenberg

We have a fast turn around time too; so you won't be waiting forever.


Day of: 1 Videographer - Ceremony & Reception.

All video footage lightly edited and put onto a DVD or BLU-RAY.


Day of:  1 Videographer - Ceremony and Reception.

*All video footage lightly edited and put onto a DVDor BLU-RAY. Plus, a wedding day reel in digital form.


Day of: 2 Videographers - Bride/Groom Preparations, Ceremony and Reception.

*All video footage from main camera lightly edited and put onto a DVD or BLU-RAY. Plus, a wedding day reel in digital form.


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